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The Waltham pocket watch is a popular brand of pocket watch that has been manufactured in Waltham, Massachusetts since 1859. The company was founded by John A. Busey and his partner, George S. Barker, who together also founded the E. Howard Watch Company (later renamed the Howard Watch Company). Waltham watches were made until 1919. These watches are made of high-quality cases, glass, and movement.

The Waltham pocket watch is made of a high-quality case, glass, and movement. 

The case is made of gold or silver, while the glass is made of crystal. The movement works by the force of a spring that powers gears inside it and turns them until they meet other gears at their ends which causes them to move in opposite directions thereby making it run continuously without any need for batteries or electricity.

Waltham watch has well-defined and accurate markings.

Waltham pocket watch has well-constructed and detailed markings. The case of the Waltham pocket watch is made from gold, glass and movement. Such a specification of this watch is a rarity of its own. This Waltham pocket watch is truly a remarkable piece for any watch lover. Waltham pocket watch has a complete marking on the case, inside and outside. The marking of the number 12 is beautifully created in the bottom of the case. 

The marking weight is clearly shown on the outside of the case. This watch comes with watch protector which stops any dust from entering in the watch. The movement of the watch is also very well decorated. The Waltham pocket watch is built with a spring and a puller, which ensures that the watch keeps proper time. The spring helps to adjust the puller. It’s a beautiful piece that will last for years if you take care of it properly.

If a Waltham pocket watch is gold, it is marked with 18K or 14K.

Waltham pocket watches are the most prestigious watches in the world. If the watch is gold, it is marked with 18K or 14K. An 18K Waltham pocket watch is made with 75% gold, while a 14K watch is made with 58.33% gold. The inside of the case is real gold and the markings on the inside of the case are real gold as well. If you are looking for the finest quality watches, Waltham pocket watches are the only way to go! High quality gold Waltham pocket watches have the inside of their case made from real gold.

Gold Waltham pocket watches are more valuable than silver ones. Besides, gold is a soft metal, which means it can scratch and dent easily. If you’re looking to keep your watch in pristine condition, look for one made from gold or another precious material (like platinum) rather than stainless steel. You may also want to consider plating the outside of your watch with gold over sterling silver; this will make it look more expensive and prevent any scratches on the surface of your watch through wear and tear over time.

10 Facts About Waltham Pocket Watch

Waltham pocket watches are perhaps the most common type of watch in history. They’re also one of the most collectible, with collectors paying thousands for watches, kept in vaults since the 1920s. These facts about Waltham pocket watches might not be common knowledge but they sure will make your next search a little easier:

Originally called the American Watch Company, formed because of a co-operative movement in 1854, a group of Swiss watchmakers formed an organization called “The Association of Swiss Watchmakers” in order to provide mutual insurance and protection against sickness or accident. The company’s name changed several times before settling on Waltham in 1857.

Waltham was one of the first companies to mass produce watches.

This is true. Waltham was one of the first companies to mass produce watches and watch movements. They also made some of the earliest cases for pocket watches, dials, and even some clocks.

This makes Waltham an important company in terms of history because it gave birth to a new kind of manufacturing process. Many other companies use the same style later on (including Rolex).

Many of Waltham’s watches were produced for soldiers during the Civil War.

Waltham’s pocket watches were popular with soldiers because of the rugged design and durability. They also had a low price tag, which made them affordable for those who could not afford more expensive timepieces.

Furthermore, the company was one of the first to mass produce watches in large quantities. In fact, they manufactured over 300,000 units by 1865 alone! This high rate of production allowed them to be able to replace damaged watches quickly—a key factor when dealing with soldiers on active duty overseas during wartime conditions such as trench warfare or desert environments where water might be scarce for extended periods of time (or even just showers).

Waltham’s pocket watch production is one of the most studied in history.

The Waltham watch is a watch that is in the shape of a pocket watch. Produced by the Waltham watch company and was first made in the year 1883. The Waltham watch company makes a large variety of watches including wrist watches as well as pocket watches and dive watches. Waltham watches are of very high quality and one of the most reliable watches on the market. Since these watches are so large and still around it is not hard to find a vintage Waltham watch.

The crafting is of the highest quality. These watches are one of the most popular watches on the market. Waltham watches are quite famous because of high quality materials and craftsmanship that go into making the watch. The company’s history steeps in innovation and invention, including their first mass produced pocket watch in 1903. This achievement helped establish Waltham as one of America’s most important watchmaking companies at the turn of 20th century.

The company went into bankruptcy during the depression.

The Waltham Watch Company opened in 1854 in Waltham, Massachusetts and produced watches for 164 years. The company was famous for being one of the early American watch manufacturers, which is why the first pocket watches have the name of “Waltham watches.” It’s an unfortunate fact that the company eventually went bankrupt in 1932 after the Great Depression. In 1934, an investor named Elgin National, a Swiss company, purchased the company and created the “Elgin National Watch Company.” The company changed its name once again to the “Elgin National Watch Company” in 1945.

Elgin continued to use the Waltham name for its American-made watches until 1960.

Elgin Watch Company, founded by David Davis and Jesse W. Reno in 1864, is the first American watch company. A contract from the government permitted Elgin to buy broken or “unserviceable” pocket watches from soldiers in the Union Army and supply them with new Elgins, at a lower price. The company was extremely successful in the following years, and became the largest watch factory in the world by 1892. Elgin’s success declined after World War II, when quartz watches became popular, and the company began marketing low-end, mass-produced watches. In 1968, Elgin sold the American branch of the company to the Bulova Watch Company, which was unable to reverse the sales decline and closed the Elgin factory in 1987.

The factory in Waltham, Massachusetts is now a museum and apartment buildings.

As a result of its historical significance, the Waltham Watch Company Museum came into being in 1906. In 1909, the Westinghouse Electric Corporation bought it and renamed as the “Waltham Watch Factory.” A few years later, in 1911, it became part of Brown & Sharpe—a leading manufacturer of pocket watches at that time—and remained so until 1921 when it merged with Hamilton Watch Company (a subsidiary of Elgin National Watch Company).

In 1976 all remaining manufacturing assets were sold off to other companies who used them to create new products such as clocks and wall clocks; however they didn’t use any original Waltham designs or patents from their early years in making these items. Instead, they bought watch parts from other manufacturers around North America. Such as ETA-Swiss Movement Co., Girard Perregaux SA/NAVITA GmbH etc…

Waltham watches used to be affordable because of the mass-production at a time when many other luxury goods were not produced the same way. The company was one of the first companies to mass produce watches, which allowed them to sell their products at lower prices than those available from other watchmakers.

The company became so successful that it had a number of imitators, including IWC and Longines. In fact, some people have mistaken Waltham watches for those made by other companies because they look similar.

This company created interchangeable parts that allowed anyone with a little training to make watch repairs.

The Waltham Watch Company was one of the first companies to mass produce watches. The company began in 1854, when watchmaker John T. Waltham created a pocket watch with interchangeable parts that allowed anyone with a little training to make repairs on their own timepieces.

Waltham’s pocket watch production is one of the most studied in history. Due to its ability to create a product that anyone could use, no matter their skill level or affluence. However, during the depression years that followed World War I, many Americans lost faith in manufacturing—and indeed all businesses—because they believed them all were inefficient and overpriced compared with goods produced overseas by cheaper labor forces. This led directly into bankruptcy for many American companies such as Waltham who couldn’t compete against overseas competition anymore since they weren’t able anymore afford financing costs due mainly because banks didn’t want anything related too risky ventures like buying out bankrupted factories etc…

However, just because the parts were interchangeable did not mean they were always accurate or reliable.

In fact, some watch parts were not interchangeable at all:

  • Some Waltham pocket watches used a variety of different steel cases depending on what was available at the time. While one style may have been more fashionable than the other, it was still possible for a watchmaker to create an inaccurate case from scratch by mixing and matching different metals.
  • Waltham pocket watches sometimes had other problems as well. There is evidence that some models had faulty balances (the mechanism inside your wristwatch which keeps it ticking), meaning that even if you could get every other part in place correctly—including the balance wheel itself—your watch wouldn’t work properly anymore!

Even though it went bankrupt, some watch collectors consider Waltham to be a very fine quality vintage watch producer.

Some watch collectors consider Waltham to be a very fine quality vintage watch producer even though the company went bankrupt. The company is famous for its high-quality timepieces and often sells for more than $100,000 on auction sites like eBay. Waltham pocket watches, manufactured between 1848 and 1935, are still around today. Albeit, in museums across the country.

These are just a few facts about this significant watchmaker.

Waltham was one of the first companies to mass-produce watches. He produced over 50,000 pocket watches during his lifetime. Used by both civilians and soldiers during World War I.

Waltham’s pocket watch production is one of the most studied in history. In fact, there are over 1,500 Waltham pocket watch patents in the United States Patent Office (USPTO) register. These patents cover everything from design improvements such as faster winding mechanisms, better shock resistance and improved accuracy to more advanced manufacturing techniques such as using interchangeable parts or using techniques like vacuum forming that would not be possible today but were necessary for those times!


Waltham pocket watches are an excellent investment. They are of the highest quality materials and have been in production for over 100 years. If you are looking for a good watch that will last for many generations, Waltham is the way to go. Besides, they are one of the most popular types of watch. They can be used for both casual and formal occasions and look great on any wrist. Waltham watches have plenty of history behind them. 

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