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The off-white t-shirt has become a staple in men’s casual wardrobes, and for good reason. Off-white tees can be paired with a lot of different outfits, making it convenient for the modern guy. Most guys need a go-to white t-shirt in their wardrobe. But not just any ordinary white tee will work. It has some details that will make it stand out and will become your favorite piece. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what makes the perfect off-white tee and how you can easily find it online or while shopping.

1. J.Crew Broken-in Short Sleeve Crew

The J.Crew Broken-In Crew is a favorite in the office. It’s a great alternative to the T-shirt, as it’s softer, more breathable, and has a more flattering fit than your basic cotton crewneck. This crew comes in a variety of colors, but we’re particularly fond of this off-white shade that we’ve seen popping up on the runway recently.

The Broken-In Crew works well under a blazer for work, but pairs just as easily with jeans for a weekend brunch date or a casual summer night out on the town. We recommend buying one size up from your usual size if you want a slightly looser fit or two sizes up if you like your knits to be baggier.

2. AlStyle Apparel AAA Plain Blank Men’s Short Sleeve

Growing skate imprints have been adding their logos on AlStyle’s AAA T-shirts for years; they are a universally-sized, strong, and durable item that seems much better when left blank. It’s not the smoothest cotton in the word, but you really need a t-shirt that can withstand a beating when you devote your evenings ollieing off handrails. Unless you’re trashing them at the nearby park or a July 4th picnic, the fixed collar, and extended sleeves give it seem anything but delicate, and the pricing offers it affordable to purchase it in quantity and re-up anytime essential.

3. Cherokee Men’s Big & Tall Short Sleeve Heavyweight T-Shirt

The Cherokee Men’s Heavyweight Short Sleeve T-Shirt is an excellent choice for those looking for a comfortable and durable t-shirt. The fabric is made of 100% cotton that has been preshrunk so it won’t shrink after washing. The shirt features a ribbed collar and cuffs, as well as double-needle stitching throughout the garment. The fabric itself is also heavyweight, which makes it perfect for men who have trouble finding shirts that fit properly. In addition to black, white, maroon, and navy blue, this shirt is available in eight additional colors.

4. Comfort Colors Men’s Adult Short Sleeve Tee

It is a classic and comfortable short-sleeve tee for adults. The shirt has gentle colors that go well with any attire and is made entirely of cotton. The shirt includes a straight hem for comfort, short sleeves, and a crew collar. This shirt will look great with jeans or khakis for a casual look that you can wear anywhere from the office to dinner out on the town.

5. Kirkland Signature Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirts

The Kirkland Signature Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirts are available in four different colors: white, navy blue, green, and off-white. The shirts are smooth and comfy to worn all day because they are made entirely of cotton.

These crew neck tees come in short sleeves and have a classic fit that is perfect for casual wear. The shirt is machine washable, but it’s best not to use fabric softeners or bleach because they can damage the material over time. To ensure that these t-shirts keep their shape over period, we advise line drying them.

What should we look for when buying an off-white t-shirt?

Another of your closet’s finest adaptable items is an off-white t-shirt. It can be worn with anything from jeans to a suit, so it’s important that you find the right one.

Here are our tips for picking out the perfect off-white t-shirt:

1. Look for a lightweight fabric. You want something that’s thin enough that it won’t be too hot in the summer heat, but thick enough that it won’t show through your clothes underneath. Light cotton works well for this purpose.

2. Choose a fitted cut that hugs your body without being too tight or too loose. You don’t want something that will stretch out over time, but you also don’t want something so clingy that it shows every lump and bump on your body either!

3. Make sure there are no stains on the shirt before buying it! Stains are incredibly difficult to remove once they’ve set in, so avoid them at all costs if possible.

4. We consider the fabric’s makeup. We want 100% cotton shirts made with good quality material for our off-white t-shirts. The fabric should be soft and comfortable against our skin.

Final Words

A well-fitting white t-shirt is something that every guy needs in his wardrobe, and it’s a look that you can wear both casually and formally. In fact, we’d argue that this piece of clothing is so versatile, that it’s basically the perfect item for anyone to have in his closet. Whether you’re just getting started on your fashion journey or are a seasoned pro, investing in a good off-white t-shirt is a must.

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