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Wondering how to wrap a tshirt? I was never much of a wrapping paper person. I mean, sure, it’s fun to wrap presents and stuff, but I never really cared much about finding the perfect way to do so. That is until someone suggested that you could use tea bags instead!

My mind was blown when they showed me how easy it is to wrap up something like a t-shirt with some hot water and a few tea bags. My only regret? Not buying more of these things right then and there—it’s worth every penny!

how to wrap a tshirt

Steps On How To Wrap A Tshirt

You’ll get to know t shirt wrapping ideas. Let’s get started!

Take cup of tea to refresh yourself

Now that you have a T-shirt wrapped in tinfoil, it’s time to take a break. If you’re going to be wrapping anything for an extended period of time, it’s important that you keep yourself refreshed and energized. A cup of tea is one way to do this. Especially if your hands are starting to get tired from gripping the fabric so tightly!

Tea also helps calm your nerves as well as relaxes muscles. So if there’s something stressful going on at work or home life, having some tea before getting started can help reduce stress levels by making them more manageable (and therefore easier).

Lay T-shirt flat on a desk or table

The first step to wrapping a T-shirt is lay it flat on a desk or table. You can use the same surface that you normally use to write, but make sure it’s clean and free of any other items like pens or pencils that might get in the way.

Next, fold each side of your shirt in half by aligning one corner with another until they’re touching at their midpoint (see below). Then fold up both sides again so they meet in the middle (again see below). Repeat this process until all four corners have been folded over twice: once along each open edge and once across from one end of the shirt directly back toward its beginning point at its center hole—this should look like an upside down triangle when finished!

Fold the bottom right corner over to the left edge of the T-shirt

The right corner should be folded over the left edge and then folded back down again. The next step is to tuck this corner under itself, which will result in an X shape. This should be repeated with each corner until you have a square object with four folds on each side (an octagon).

Fold the top left corner down to the bottom edge

Now, make sure all four corners are aligned and you’re ready to fold! You don’t want to over-fold or under-fold your shirt; this is going to make a crease along your T-shirt’s seam where you’ve folded it (and this can cause some damage). If you feel like you’re going too far with your folds, stop right there and start over again with something else—you’ll thank yourself later!

Pull tight and tuck neatly into itself for a presentable look!

Pull the ends of your shirt, then tuck them neatly into themselves. If you are wrapping a gift, pull the ends tight and tuck them neatly into themselves for a presentable look!

If you are giving somebody their own shirt and not just borrowing it, leave the ends untucked. You don’t want to mess with what looks great on them!

How to Avoid Common T-Shirt Wrapping Mistakes

We’ve prepared a list of easy ways to avoid common t-shirt wrapping mistakes. Let’s check them out!

Tuck in tags

Tucking in the tag is a good idea, as it will keep it from sticking out. The tag should not be visible from the front of your shirt, especially if you are wearing one that has an image on it such as an animal or cartoon character.

If you want to tuck in the tag, follow these steps:

  • Hold up your shirt so that you are looking at its back side (the side with no writing).
  • Position yourself so that there’s room for both hands around one end of the shirt near where I’ve put my hands here above. This should give us enough room between where I’m holding up my shirt and where we’re going to insert our needle/thread/whatever into before sewing begins again. That’s after placing stitches down over whatever was being sewn together earlier today before moving onto other things like taking care of laundry while also cooking dinner tonight at 9pm sharp!

Choose a shirt that fits

The first thing to remember is that a t-shirt should fit well. This means it should be long enough to cover your stomach, but not so long that it comes down below the waistband of your jeans or shorts. Your shirt should also be fitted around the shoulders, chest and arms—not baggy or loose in any area of your body.

The second thing to keep in mind when choosing a t-shirt is whether it’s appropriate for the occasion. For example, if you’re going to wear this new shirt on vacation with friends who are 50 years younger than yourself (think about how awkward that would be), then perhaps consider getting one with more graphics than just text. It doesn’t really matter though once you know how to wrap a tshirt.

Tuck your hair behind your ears

This is a simple way to keep hair out of your face and from getting caught in the shirt, which can be very annoying. It also makes it possible for you to wear glasses without having them slide off of your nose when bending over or moving around quickly.

Drape the shirt over your shoulders

Wrap the top of the shirt across your shoulders and tuck it under your arms. The bottom of the shirt should hang down in front of you, so that it covers all sides of your chest area. It’s okay if there are some wrinkles from this step; they will be hidden by whatever else is on top of them (like a necklace or scarf).

Loosen up one side as much as possible so that it hangs loosely around your body without falling off; this will help hide any straps from view when wearing tight-fitting tops like tank tops or t-shirts with thin straps. If you know how to wrap a tshirt, then you’re on the safe side.

Bring the two ends of the bottom of the shirt across one another

The crossing is done by bringing each end of your shirt up and over in front, then down and across back. This will help you create a straight seam on your t-shirt, which is much more likely to disappear into your pants than if you were just wrapping around the front hemline.

Continue to bring the sides across, crisscrossing them until you reach the desired look. Once you’ve reached the desired look, continue to bring the sides across, crisscrossing them until you reach the desired look.

Pull down and adjust

This is the most important step in avoiding common T-shirt wrapping mistakes. The process involves pulling down your shirt, letting it rest on your waist for a few seconds, then adjusting it so that it’s not too tight or loose. If you’re wearing a fitted t-shirt, make sure that it doesn’t hang too low around your stomach area (this can be uncomfortable).

If you’re wearing boxy shirts with sleeves that are longer than about 6 inches off the ground (and therefore won’t wrap around well), try pinning them up higher before tying them into a knot at the base of your neckline. You might need to adjust this if they’re too long to begin with! Regardless, knowing how to wrap a tshirt will save the day!

Secure with a safety pin or two, if desired

If you’re a beginner, or if you don’t want to sew, safety pins can be a good option. You’ll want to make sure that your shirt is secure before moving on with the project.

Safety Pin Instructions:

  • Open one end of your T-shirt and fold it over so that the two ends meet in the middle. Use two safety pins (or any other method) to hold this fold in place while sewing along its length with an old-fashioned straight stitch machine or by hand using needle and thread (though this will take much longer). You may also tape down one side of your fabric as needed. This helps prevent fraying from happening later on down the road!

Add accessories, such as belts, scarves or hats to complete the ensemble

A simple T-shirt can be dressed up with accessories, such as belts, scarves or hats. Accessories can add color, texture and even style to an outfit. Scarves are an excellent way to add color and texture without adding bulk. Hats are another great way to bring life into your outfit by adding fun elements like feathers or flowers that will make you feel like a million bucks!


Wrapping a T-shirt can be tricky, but now you know five simple steps. It doesn’t take long and it’s really easy once you get the hang of it! So next time someone asks you for help wrapping something up in style, don’t say no. Just show them this article and let them know the secret. No matter what size or shape it is, just follow these five steps! Hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to wrap a tshirt.

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