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The Difference Between Electric And Mechanical Sewing Machines

Ever since the electric sewing machine was introduced into the market, there has been an ongoing debate on the differences with the mechanical one. People want to know if the latter has many advantages over mechanical sewing machines that have been in existence for longer.

Both these machines have their advantages and disadvantages. However, how good a machine is depends on individual preferences. The perception of most people, though, is that the mechanical sewing machine is more essential when compared to the electrical machine. 

Due to their few non-developed features, mechanical sewing machines cannot make embroidery stitches. On the other hand, the electric sewing machine is a little more advanced. It comes with in-built stitches. It also has extensive features to download your preferred designs from the internet and install them into this machine. 

This feature gives the electric sewing machine an upper hand over the mechanical one. Whether you’re making a ring sling, sewing some clothes, or patching up some pants, a sewing machine comes in handy.

Mechanical Vs. Electric Sewing Machines

How well you sew should help you choose between purchasing a mechanical or an electric sewing machine. If your sewing is fundamental, not much detail to include, and other simple sewing projects, it is recommended that you go for the mechanical sewing machine. 

The electric sewing machine is meant to help you grow and develop your sewing skills. It does more than simple sewing projects. 

Factors To Consider Before Your Purchase

There are a few things to consider before buying a sewing machine. They include: 

Your Budget

Depending on your sewing projects, you will know which machine between these two suits your needs. If you only do simple sewing projects, you will need a smaller budget to enable you to purchase the mechanical sewing machine. An electric sewing machine is a bit pricey. It comes in greater detail as it uses power and the internet. You will need to save up for this. 

How Technology Savvy You Are

If you want to grow your sewing skills with enhanced technology, you will purchase a better sewing machine that allows you to succeed. A mechanical sewing machine will only do the basics. On the other hand, an electric one allows you to do more than you already know. 

The Advantages Of Mechanical Sewing Machines

Image Source: Amazon

Some people choose to use mechanical sewing machines all their life. This is even though the electric one is more enhanced and tends to make sewing easier. Below are a few advantages that make the mechanical sewing machine more preferred than the electric one. 


Learning to sew using a mechanical sewing machine is as easy as learning to eat with a fork. The machine is so fundamental that all you have to do is get ready to get into the swing. 


Sewing is a skill that has been there for a long time and passed on to generations. You may have watched your grandparent sew from time to time. A mechanical sewing machine can only be as new as you want it to be. 

You are anti-technology

Technology is growing by the day, but not everyone is willing to grow with it. If you are reluctant to develop your sewing skills and only want to stick to the basics, a mechanical sewing machine would be ideal. 


A mechanical machine is less pricey when compared to an electric sewing machine. 

The Advantages Of Electric Sewing Machines

Image Source: Amazon

An electric sewing machine has better-advanced features when compared to a mechanical machine. If you are a tech-savvy person willing to develop your sewing skills, this is the ideal machine for you. A few of its advantages include:

Automated Features

The automated features present in the electric machine make it easy to operate. It helps you save a lot of time. The needle threader is automated and makes sewing an easy task. Other automatic features that simplify the sewing process include tension adjustment, a bobbin winder, and the thread cutter. The faster you are able to do your sewing, the more projects you can handle. Technology makes work easier and an electric sewing machine does that. 

More Precise Stitching

When using an electric sewing machine, you can rest assured that no stitching will result from guesswork. The fact that these machines are a result of advanced technology helps you know the best stitches and at what speed you can incorporate them. 


Versatility means being able to do more than just one function. The electric sewing machine is designed to do more than sew. It is a machine intended for use by individuals willing to grow themselves. 


As initially mentioned, electric and mechanical sewing machines have different purposes. However, how much better one is compared to the other all boils down to an individual’s preference. Some individuals want to stick with the basics, and others are willing to do a little more. 

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