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You cannot be as productive as you want to be when you carry a baby around. The task is even harder when a newborn needs to be carried around. In such times, a baby sling comes in handy. A baby sling helps you wear up your baby eventually frees up your hands. This article will help you make a DIY ring sling and get more productive.  

With free hands, you can tackle so much. You will come across many baby slings made available in the market. It would be great to purchase. However, note you can make your baby sling which makes it cost-effective and helps you customize it to suit your and your baby’s needs. 

Below are seven different ways you can make your DIY baby ring sling. 

A comfortable baby sling needs to have the right material to serve the purpose. 

A loose baby sling will wear out quickly, returning you to the fatigue you are trying to eliminate. Fabric-like denim and cotton are recommended for baby slings because it is strong and durable. It also helps keep your baby comfortable when it gets too hot because it is breathable. The fabric is also soft. Using harsh fabric irritates the baby’s skin, resulting in an unwanted rash on their delicate skin. 

Another thing to consider when choosing fabric is that it is not too stretchy. Fabric that is lost is unsafe for your baby as it could slip off and fall. 

While making a baby sling, get interesting fabric with different colors and detail. Here’s fabric we found durable enough—and we love the pattern!

Image Source: Amazon

Gather At Least Two Yards Of Your Fabric

The size of the yard needed to make a baby sling depends on your size. If you are a plus-size parent, you need to get extra fabric. Comfort should not just be designed for the baby alone, and it should also be for you. The more comfortable you carry your baby using the sling, the longer you can carry them. 

Purchase At Least Two Rings For The DIY Ring Sling

If you want to get the best slings, purchase them online. The ones purchased there are authentic; They are strong and can comfortably hold your baby’s weight. Materials used for these slings are very safe for babies. You need to be cautious about the baby not putting this material in their mouths, as it may not be safe for them. Ensure that you also check the edges while making the purchase. Rough edges are also dangerous for your baby. 

Loop A Single End Of The Fabric Through The Rings And Begin To Stitch

To complete this stitching process, you need to lay the fabric flat before you. The rings need to be put together, one on top of the other. You should slide one short side of the fabric. Fold the fabric and pin the two layers. The hem you have created is good for supporting your baby’s weight and should be stitched strongly together. 

Loop The Baby Sling’s Ends Through The Rings

There is one end of your sling that is sewn on the rings. This is just one end. The other one is left free. The end looped to the ring should be brought up above your shoulder. The other fabric that remains is brought behind your back. Ensure it is under the opposite arm and goes across your chest. 

Remember to gather the long-end fabric and pull it through the rings neatly. Ensure that you have spread the fabric completely as you are wrapping it. If the fabric twists, it may make carrying the baby difficult or uncomfortable. 

Place your baby elevated on your chest while ensuring their feet are first lowered into the DIY ring sling.

This is a very delicate procedure and will determine how comfortable your baby will be while bundled up in the sling. Lift the baby carefully and let their feet go first to ensure this is well done. Ensure that the baby is well placed on the sling’s pouch. Please do not bring the top up their neck without ensuring that they are comfortable in the pouch, being keen to look at the knees and their feet. 

The slack fabric should be pulled towards the ring and tightened once the sling is already around your baby. 

It is recommended that you check your baby’s comfort after placing them in the sling. The feet and the knees can easily confirm if your baby is well placed, as wrong placement could hurt or make them uncomfortable. The baby’s knees should be more elevated than their bottom. 

You Should Loop One End Of The Fabric Through Two Rings.

After laying your fabric flat on a surface, ensure that the short end is looped into the two rings. It would be best if you placed both rings in front of one of your shoulders. Once this is done, ensure you bring the material around your back, ensuring that it passes under your arm on the opposite side. 

A DIY ring sling is only recommended for a baby if the rings you are using are durable. This ensures that the baby is well held together and enhances their comfort while carrying them. 

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What Are The Advantages Of Making Your Baby Sling?

It is cost-effective

You save a lot of money when you choose to make your baby sling. Costs are only incurred when purchasing fabric, rings, scissors, and other recommended items. You must prioritize the safety of your child over money. 

It is custom made

Making your baby sling helps you customize it to suit your and your baby’s needs. You know exactly what to do to ensure that both you and your baby are comfortable when using the sling. 

You get time to do it yourself

The more you make time for this activity, the more you will love it. It will create a deeper interest to do most of these things yourself rather than spend money on them. 

Conclusion: DIY Ring Sling

Having a small baby and having so much to do can never go hand in hand. It is extremely exhausting when you have many tasks to handle but still need to give the baby the attention they deserve. As such, it is important to consider making this load lighter. Making your baby sling is a very good idea. 

Not only does it make your work easier, but it also gives the baby comfort and helps them explore the outside world without having to stay at one point. Eventually, you develop a deeper desire to practice doing most things for yourself without necessarily having to purchase them. 

If you choose to make the baby sling yourself, ensure to prioritize the safety of your baby.

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