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The easiest way to mass produce t-shirts is by using a heat press machine. Here we review the best machines and how to use them. A heat press machine is a commercial-grade iron that uses heat and pressure to press a garment. It's also a must-have for practically any form of customized t-shirt printing, as well as a handy tool for other types of embellishment. Much of your decision about which heat press machine to buy will be based on what you want to make and sell. Because you'll need to select what you're going to heat-press first, and then which press is appropriate for that application. Then, if you have the funds, go ahead and do it. However, there are several features of a heat press that are generally beneficial for commercial applications. Whether you're working with direct to embroider, rhinestone inlays, or spangle, the rules remain the same. You need to consider lots of details before purchasing heat press machines such as temperature and pressure control. These two are the most crucial factors that basically determine how well the machine you choose works. Aside from that, consider small features the machine comes with, how easy is it to maintain, durability and the material it is made of. As well as these, you need to select the type of machine you want to work with because there are actually quite a few types of heat press machines out there. When you set your mind on the right selections you work will go smoothly.