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It’s crucial to think carefully before investing in daily-use items, and this is certainly relevant when wanting to purchase the best scrubs for women in 2022. But if you go shopping for new scrubs, you will undoubtedly discover that there are many options available.

Making the choice that will best suit your needs requires taking into account the product’s price, fabric quality, design, and general durability. We want to assist you to focus your search so you can find the ideal scrubs, whether you’re looking for affordable scrubs, a trendy outfit, or everything in between.

Reviews of the Best Scrubs for Women in 2022

Best Scrubs For Women
Source: Best Scrubs For Women

We suggest the brands and designs mentioned below when you’re wanting to upgrade your work attire with separate items or scrub sets. There are choices for the best scrubs for nurses and other healthcare workers, including those that offer proper functioning, stand-out design, and a nice blend of both to assist you to get through your workday smoothly and productively.

1. Cherokee Infinity Women Scrubs Top Round Neck 2624A

Cherokee clothing, one of the top scrub companies available, has a long history and bases its normal clothing on the ready-to-wear philosophy, which transfers well to the healthcare uniforms it produces. This comfortable scrub top, which resembles athletic wear more than professional attire, is composed of a polyester/spandex mix, has a rib-knit back panel for exceptional elasticity and mobility without losing its original shape, and is designed to be wrinkle-free. Given that the front and back princess seams and rounded neckline provide a cut that various body shapes will find flattering, most people can probably feel safe about their purchase.


  • Two patch pockets and one internal pocket,
  • Bungee loop on the shoulder,
  • Antibacterial fabric,
  • 22 color options.


  • The combination of materials with the rib-knit back panel may not be to everyone’s taste
  • Some may find the cover-stitch detail bulky.
  • Dimensions may also run large, and the suggested low drying heat may take a bit longer than the high-heat cycle.

2. Figs Casma Three Pocket Scrub Top

The high-quality tested fabric paired with the simple design provides a very practical, attractive, and businesslike appearance at the office or when making the rounds. Scrubs from Figs are assured to be antibacterial, wrinkle-free, odor-free, and liquid-repellent for the duration of the garment. They are also simple to wear and clean with only a little cold water and tumble drying.

This top has a v-neck and a contemporary design, and it fits many different body shapes with a fitted and attractive style thanks to the darted back and side slits.


  • V-neck, back darts, and side slit hem provide a flattering and fitted appearance.
  • Durable, high-quality fabric provides outstanding stretch and flexibility without compromising shape.
  • Pronounced patch pockets


  • Limited color options,
  • $40 on average in price

3. Carhartt Cross Flex V-Neck Media Scrub Top

They do produce Carhartt women’s scrubs, which are widely considered the best in the medical scrubs category and have become a key player in the healthcare market. This scrub top is a mix of polyester and spandex, just like our top selection, but it has a touch of extra spandex and Carhartt’s Rugged Flex Technology to keep you comfortable and mobile throughout the day.

The fabric feels distinct and different to the touch than other scrubs, is designed to keep you cool, drain sweat away from your skin, and dries rapidly. It also contains their patented Stain-Breaker Techniques to deliver your outfit looking fresh for longer.


  • Stain-Breaker Tech helps keep the top looking good.
  • The material is cool to the touch and performs as claimed 
  • It costs about $20 on average, which is relatively inexpensive.


  • Right-handed folks love the arm pocket, however, the cloth can snag,
  • There are only seven colors available,
  • There are few sizes available.

4 . Koi Lite Performance Stretch Multi-Pocket Peace Scrub Pant

These stylish, ultra-lightweight Koi scrub trousers with straight legs have a lot going for them. They are simple and pleasant to wear the entire shift because of the polyester/spandex blend fabric’s elasticity, stretch, and moisture-wicking features. Furthermore, these pants don’t need to be ironed.

The Koi Peace Pants have a total of six pockets: three on the front (one with a zipper), two on the back, and one on the left leg of the pant. This last pocket has a zipper, which adds much-needed functionality to make your workday run more smoothly.


  • Accessible in 25 colors,
  • Plenty of space,
  • Performance stretch fabric that wicks away perspiration,
  • In regular, petite, and tall lengths.


  • Left-handed folks benefit most from a pocket on the left leg.

5. WonderWink Women’s Four Stretch Cargo Scrub Pant

It’s easy to understand why WonderWink scrubs are highly regarded. They provide Wonderwink 4 Stretch scrubs that are made entirely of polyester and are designed to be as small as possible. These don’t shrink, stand the test of time well to several items of washing, and emerge from the dryer wrinkle-free.

The 31 hues that are available for these fashionable scrubs are all kept brilliant even after repeated cleanings thanks to WonderWink’s unique fabric.


  • Available in 31 hues,
  • Low-maintenance and wrinkle-free when removed from the dryer,
  • Fabric wicks moisture and dries rapidly,
  • Petite and tall sizes are available.


  • The styling could be deemed “junior,”
  • The material is thin and could not be appreciated by people who become cold during the day,
  • Cargo pockets are perfect for right-handed people.

How to Pick the Best Scrubs For Women?

Women’s scrubs are designed to fit comfortably and look professional, but they also need to be flattering. You may have a favorite style, but it’s worth trying on different brands and styles before you buy.

1. Check the Fit

Women’s scrubs often have a drawstring waistband or side zipper for easy fit adjustments. When you try them on, make sure that the top fits well around your shoulders, chest, and waist.

2. Consider Your Body Type

If you’re petite, look for tops with shorter sleeves and pants with shorter inseams (the length from waist to ankle). If you’re tall or have long legs, seek out tops with long sleeves and pants with longer inseams.

3. Take Your Measurements

Before shopping for women’s scrubs, take measurements of your bust, waist, and hips using a measuring tape or measuring guide available at most fabric stores or online retailers that sell medical uniforms for women.

Final Words

We hope that this guide answered all your questions concerning the best scrub for women and that you learned something new along the way. Overall, women’s scrub tops and pants were designed for comfort and functionality. Luckily for those always on the go, there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

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