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Best Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Shirts

Looking for the best heat transfer paper for dark shirts? Heat transfer on dark shirts is an interesting and tough job to carry out due to the specifics of the fabric. However, it’s not impossible to create high quality designs and print them well on dark fabrics. If you’re looking to print onto dark shirts, you need to know what heat transfer paper to use.

When you print an image on clothing, it is important to have the correct type of heat transfer paper. So your design turns out right and lasts as long as possible. When a shirt with a heat transfer is washed, the ink used to print the design may break off. Or fade over time. It is important to use the best heat transfer paper for dark shirts in order to give your design long-lasting results after washing.

Best Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Shirts

Source: Daily Multifacetica

Heat transfer paper is a type of adhesive material that can be used to apply images to clothing. It works by pressing the image onto a garment, then heating it with an iron or heat press. The adhesive melts and stays behind on your shirt as the paper passes through the heated chamber. Resulting in a permanent transfer.

Heat transfer paper is available in different colors and weights to choose one right for your needs. It’s also available in matte and gloss finishes, which will affect how well your image transfers onto clothing.

Here are some of the best heat transfer papers for dark shirts:

Best Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Shirts: Avery T-Shirt Transfer Paper Jet Dark

The Avery T-Shirt Transfer Paper Jet Dark is a dark-shirt-friendly heat transfer paper. It appears in a three-roll container with dimensions of 12 inches wide by 36 feet long. The Avery T-Shirt Transfer Paper Jet Dark is made with a premium-grade film with excellent color quality and clarity. This is essential for creating high-quality printed shirts.

The Avery T-Shirt Transfer Paper Jet Dark has a permanent adhesive. This feature prevents any curling or peeling of the transferred image on your shirt during washing. You can also expect this heat transfer paper to be safe in most inkjet printers and copiers.

Avery T-Shirt Transfer Paper Jet Dark is one of the best options for printing on dark shirts because it produces vibrant colors. The gradience lasts long without fading or smudging. Even after multiple washes.

It’s important to note that you should use this product only with an inkjet printer. Or copier that supports permanent inkjet paper because using it with other printers will result in poor results.


  • It’s affordable;
  • It’s easy to use;
  • You can get professional results with this product;


  • It only comes in one size

Best Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Shirts: Printworks One Step Opaque

Printworks One Step Heat Exchange Paper is the ideal thermal performance paper for dark shirts. It has an unusual white backdrop that makes it simple to see how your design is going. The paper is also very easy to cut and weed, making it a great choice for those who want to make their own t-shirts at home.

The Printworks One Step Heat Transfer Paper measures 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheets to get plenty of use out of each sheet. Each sheet has a clear plastic backing with an adhesive side that will stick to your shirt when it gets hot. 

You can place your design directly on the shirt and not worry about losing it when you flip over the shirt after applying heat from an iron or heat press machine. This is the best heat transfer paper for dark shirts because it is designed specifically for dark colors like black and navy blue but can be used with other colors since there are no chemicals in the product that will bleed through onto lighter colored shirts during printing or after washing.


  • Prints on dark shirts very well
  • High-quality prints with little effort
  • Simply plug it in and get started.


  • Do not print on light-colored shirts or light-colored fabric.

Best Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Shirts: Forever Laser Dark No-Cut A+B Paper

The Forever Laser Dark No-Cut A+B Paper is a no-cut transfer paper for dark fabrics. It’s designed for use with the full range of laser printers and can be used with any color printer.

Various inkjet machines and textile printing printers are acceptable with the paper. It features a high heat setting, allowing you to use it on dark fabrics without first cutting the design. This is ideal for printing on dark apparel such as black t-shirts.

This transfer paper comes in packs of 50 sheets, and each sheet measures 8 1/2″ x 11″. You can cut them down yourself if you need smaller sizes, but it’s not necessary as they work well even when full size.

The Forever Laser Dark No-Cut A+B Paper also has an adhesive backing so that it sticks to your garment while printing, making it easier than ever before to create customized clothing items at home.


  • The paper is very durable and doesn’t tear easily.
  • It can be utilized to make dark shirts that aren’t commonly accessible.
  • The paper is easy to cut and handle.


  • The paper comes only in white color, making it difficult to apply on dark-colored shirts.
  • This product is not waterproof
  • Expensive

Best Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Shirts: Dark Garments Neenah 3G Jet Opaque

Neenah 3G Jet Opaque Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Garments is great for heat transfer t-shirts and other dark garments. The paper’s color is black, and it’s available in 6 different sizes.

The material is made to be safe on most fabrics, including cotton, polyester, nylon, and more. This paper also has a special coating that helps prevent smears or smudges after the garment has been printed on with an iron or heat press.

You can use this paper with any of our heat transfer presses and plates and our thermal plates for direct printing applications. The weight of this product is 350 gsm, which means that it’s a high-quality material that will last for many projects before needing replacement.

Printing using Neenah 3G Jet Opaque Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Garments at 300° F (149° C) is suggested. You can print at lower temperatures if you’re just testing out your equipment and how it works with this paper type.


  • Excellent for dark garments, especially black, navy blue, and red.
  • Easy to use; no color matching required.
  • Works with most home and commercial heat presses.


  • Not suitable for light-colored shirts.
  • The paper does not have a very accurate cut edge
  • If treated incorrectly, the paper may be ruined.

Best Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Shirts: Heat Transfer Vinyl, Siser Easy Weed

Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl is the ideal heat transfer paper for dark shirts. It has an outdoor life of up to 5 years and can be used in light and dark colors. Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl is a great choice for t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, hats, etc.

Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl has a clear carrier sheet that allows you to see through it when applying your artwork. This feature makes it possible to use your own artwork (or purchase premade designs) and apply them directly onto your garment without screens or emulsion.

The best part about using this material is that there’s no need to worry about registration marks or to cut out individual vinyl pieces before application. With Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl, all you have to do is print your file onto the clear carrier sheet included in each package, cut out your design, and follow the instructions for applying it directly onto your garment or product.


  • Easy to cut and weed
  • Durable material
  • High-quality image transfers well


  • Not good for dark colored shirts unless applied with a heat press

What To Look For When Shopping For Dark Shirt Heat Transfer Paper?

Source: Coastal Business Supplies

The best heat transfer paper for dark shirts is the one that works well for your design, is easy to use, and has a good price.

I’ve tried various brands, but now I’ll tell you about my favorites. In the best heat transfer paper for dark shirts, we’re looking for the following characteristics:

The right color ink: The ink must be the right color (black or white) and not too thick, so it doesn’t bleed into your shirt when peeled off the backing.

The right size paper: The sheets should be big enough to cover most designs without wasting too much material. If you have a large design, consider buying multiple sheets at once.

Easy application: You want to easily apply this stuff without creating air bubbles or wrinkles in your design. It might tear during the application or even rip when peeling off the backing if it’s too thin or flimsy.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for heat transfer paper for dark shirts, you don’t have to look very far. Although all transfer papers are made with similar materials, cheaper ones can be difficult to see. When using this product, ensure sufficient lighting and choose a colored heat transfer paper that works well in your printer.

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