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125 Canada, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

About us

About us

Welcome to GoGo Tshirt, the internet’s number one source for all things arts, crafts, and embroidery. We’re passionate about custom-making T-shirts and other apparel, and have been in the business for over a decade.

Our Humble Beginnings

When we started our business, our desire to find the best products brought us together, and we’ve developed advanced research methods to find the best products for you. We review every product together as an editorial team, and choose the top ranking products together as well. That means we don’t depend on the opinion of a single writer, and we can guarantee that the products we recommend are crowd favorites.

What We Pledge To You

Our entire team guarantees that we will always strive to provide the best information for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. Our comprehensive reviews are based solely on extensive research, and we pledge to never be biased. You can always depend on us to be honest in our recommendations, because we aren’t afraid to call it as we see it.

Our website is a continuously adapting project, a one-stop-shop where you can learn more about the products available to consumers in the crafts and embroidery industry. Every day, we look for new products and test them extensively, so that we can provide you with insights to make informed purchasing decisions whenever the time comes. You won’t need to look around for the perfect product, because we’ll help you find it. 

We promise to get to the point, giving you honest, comprehensive reviews that are easily digestible. Whether you’re a beginner or a season pro at embroidery and crafts, we’ve made all our reviews simple for all levels. So don’t worry about a thing, because we are always going to try our best to make things easier for you.


The GoGo Tshirt Editorial Team.