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5 Best Red T-Shirts For Different Occasions

According to the Color Theory red is a bold, intense, expressive, firey color that draws attention in both, positive and negative ways. Unless intentionally done, using red in interior design is not that common. On the other hand, it’s quite extensively used in fashion. This is not surprising, considering red is the color associated with love, passion, sexuality and desire. Themes that a lot of designers get an inspiration from. Wearing red is sometimes considered to make the wearer more desirable. Of course, it also depends the type of garment we are talking about. Red t-shirts are a fun way to accentuate your upper body, have a pop of color going on in otherwise minimalistic outfit, or to create a clash and splash of colors.

In this article, we have selected five red unisex t-shirts that anyone can wear if they like the color and want to incorporate it into their wardrobe. Note that most options here are from luxury or mid-luxury brands and while the quality is amazing, the price might not match everybody’s budget. Therefore, at the end we have selected one high-quality red t-shirt from a non-luxury brand that anyone can afford.

5 Red T-Shirts To Style Outfits For Any Occasion

Bold, fun, sexy, eye-catching. This is what pops up first when people think of red. And while that’s true, red is also the color of confidence and control. Aside from all that, it’s considered to be one of the so-called “classic” colors, alongside black and white. You will see red at almost all high-class gatherings be it the red carpets with various celebrities decked in red gowns and tuxedos or charity galas. Think of how many out of your favorite sports teams have chosen red as their jersey color. There are many flags that feature this color as well.

With that said, let’s look at the red t-shirts we have chosen for you to style for any occasion.

1. Red Ribbed Polo T-Shirt by Bottega Veneta

red t-shirts
Source: vitkac

Starting off with the most high-end and expensive t-shirt on our list. This beautiful silk Bottega Veneta pink and red short-sleeve t-shirt will make any outfit look extremely chic. Made 95% with silk, this slim fit t-shirt features a stripe and square pattern that beautifully alternates with different shades of pink and red. The t-shirt has a polo style neckline and collar with red buttons. It would be a nice pop of color in otherwise light colored minimalistic outfit. Maybe pair it up with a fun bag and a pair of big sunglasses in the true Bottega fashion. The t-shirt is quite expensive, the retail price being $1700. It’s true to its size. Just make sure to follow the instructions when washing.

2. Red DIESEL T-RED-MON T-shirt With Logo

red t-shirts
Source: vitkac

A very interesting garment that you can style for a festive outfit as well as make your look more edgy or elevate the streetstyle fit. This DIESEL short-sleeved crewneck t-shirt is made of cotton and sequence like stitching. It has the brand logo printed in faded white and grey all over the fabric. The designers have described it as dark pink. While some might consider that to be true, it does look pretty red. The masterful technique used for logo printing makes the garment look like it’s covered in shiny sequence. Like the sun is reflecting off of the surface.

If you wear XS or S, you ca style the t-shirt as a crop top too. Otherwise it’s true to the size and the fit is definitely not oversize so keep that in mind. The retail price of the t-shirt is $149, however, due to Vitkac holiday season sale they got going on right now, you can purchase the shit for only $89.40.

3. Palm Angels Logo Cotton Jersey Red T-shirt

Source: mytheresa

Streetstyle lovers know who Palm Angels are. One of the most beloved brand that always offer cool designs to have that bit of edge to all your outfits. This oversize mid-forearm length sleeved red t-shirt with a high collar has the brand logo written over it’s backside (across the shoulder area). The smaller logo is featured in the front of the collar. The construction of the t-shirt, with dropped shoulders and mid-weight material makes it look even more loose and oversized. It’s quite long too as it falls to around mid-hip.

As per seller’s instructions, pay attention to sizing as it tends to run larger. Wash by hand only as it’s made of pure cotton with no additives. Originally priced at 179 Euro, you can currently purchase the t-shirt for 125 Euros with the holiday discount. Enjoy free shipping for a limited time too.

4. Alexander McQueen Skull Printed Crewneck Red T-Shirt

Source: Cettire

Arguably one of, if not the most iconic luxury brands, Alexander McQueen are known for their ongoing skull theme. This deep red short-sleeve crewneck slim fit t-shirt features a beautiful skull print in black across the chest area. There are two skulls on top of each other against a red and black background to match otherwise red garment. It could definitely be styled best with an edgy, maybe a bit on a gothic side, outfit. Pair it with big baggy black jeans and chunky boots. Maybe with a beanie or some cool accessories and a leather jacket. The same exact t-shirt can be purchased in black too if that’s what you’d rather buy.

The original price of the t-shirt is $293.66. However, with Cettire’s current discounts it’s almost half priced at only 166.37. You can get it as small as XXS all the way to 2XL. Do pay attention to the sizing guide on the website to purchase what fits you best.

5. COMME DES GARÇONS Play Striped Red Logo Top

Maybe not exactly a t-shirt but you saw this coming. Comme Des Garcons have been hyped for their striped heart logo clothing for a while now. Unless they present something over the top or extremely masterful with an almost architectural construction, they go for the subtle yet noticeable mixture of luxury and streetstyle. Mostly inspired by the Japanese streetstyle scene and culture. This garment is a fun classic with classic red and white color palette and the staple fun heart logo.

This striped long sleeved, relaxed fit, round neck, straight hem top runs true to its size. MODES are having a good discounts right now so if you want to get it at only 106 Euros, be sure to check it out here.

Red T-shirts Anyone Can Afford: Nautica Men’s Short Sleeve Solid Crew Neck T-Shirt

Nautica offers high quality affordable clothing you can get from Amazon. This red t-shirt will not budge even after multiple washes, remaining the same fit and color as when you first wear it. What’s more, it’s 100% pure cotton. The quality is just as good as all of the ones listed above. However, you can buy the garment at only $12.99.

Bottom Lines

That’s a wrap on our list of red t-shirts you can style on any occasion. One last advice from us would be to just find the perfect sizing for you. Without paying attention to what gender the garment is listed under. We will get back with more similar articles on brands, styles or maybe other colors too.

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