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4 Cool Off-White T-Shirt For Your Street Style Outfits

As of now Off-White can be considered as a luxury brand. However, nobody can deny that the brand has been taking strong influence from street culture and fashion. Some people might not even know that the famous crossed arrows on an oversized t-shirt, hoodies and sweatpants are the official Off-White logo. Virgil Abloh is not around anymore, but his legacy lives on.Virgil was the founder of the brand and he stands behind the identity and the ideology Off-White has been standing for. He was the one who changed the initial name of the brand and came up with the logo. The name Off-White indicates the threshold area between black and white. Meaning, the brand takes on a unique approach to the classic and modifies it to the taste of the younger generation and the urban style.

If you are a fan of the brand or you dress in street style mostly, you’re going to love the t-shirts we chose and listed below.

Off-White Caravaggio Slim T-Shirt Black

Source: atterley

Virgil Abloh was an American designer but the brand is Italian. Caravaggio was a renowned Italian painter who influenced some of the greatest artists of all times (like Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci). He is known for depicting realistic religious paintings that were quite controversial during his times. Because of this perhaps, Virgil considered him to align with the identity and message of his own brand, therefore he did an entire collection where he printed Caravaggio’s works on shirts, hoodies and other garments.

This gorgeous black short-sleeved t-shirt with rounded neck has one of Caravaggio’s best known works “Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy” or the Burst Of Light. The shirt is 100% pure cotton, slim fit (available in sizes). At the top and bottom in the center of the painting are two yellow lines. Above the top line it says OFF. On the back of the t-shirt there’s a brand logo, the yellow crossed arrow motif. Atterley is having a discount right now, but the sizes are limited so if you want to get your hands on this one, you have to hurry.

Off-White Black T-Shirt 

Source: mclabels

Next up we have a FW22 t-shirt with another famous painter’s work depicted at the front. The most famous artwork of all times according to many critics and art lovers, this tee features a huge Leonardo’s Mona Lisa print. However, it’s tinted blue all over. The shirt is slim fit, short sleeved and has a round neck. On the edges of the print there are some white lines. The back of the tee is blank. The material is 100% pure cotton. You can get it from mclabels.

Off-White Alien Arrow Over Cotton Jersey T-Shirt 

off-white t-shirt
Source: luisaviaroma

Our next item has a very interesting and unique design. The shirt itself is pretty simple: basic straight cut, loose to oversize fit, black, made of cotton. However, on the back of the t-shirt we have a pink lining of the arrow motif that looks like it was handwritten. Aside from that it also depicts identical designs of three green aliens with the Earth on top of their finger walking in the same direction. The front of the shirt has the same exact alien printing except the logo is missing and there’s Off-White ™ written in the same sage green color as the aliens.

The shirt features a mix of many colors from black to gray, sage green, mustard yellow and two tones of blue for the Earth design as well as the pink of the arrow. Nevertheless it’s not messy. It’s definitely a cool chic shirt that you can style with cargo pants or sweats, baggy jeans and a nice belt or some belt accessories. Maybe check out the beige relaxed fit pants the model is wearing on the website. It has a cool smudging all over that gives it a “just got out of my art studio” look to it. The shoes are quite unique too. You can view and purchase it in sizes from LUISAVIAROMA.

Off-White Oversized T-Shirt Black

off-white t-shirt
Source: gilt

The last t-shirt we will be presenting today is another one of the Caravaggio collection. On this oversized fit round neck short-sleeved black cotton teen there’s a small painting printed on the front. It depicts Caravaggio’s “Boy Bitten By A Lizard” created in 1594. On the painting as well as on the back there’s a white Off-White logo. The backside also features a text that reads the brand name, the year, where and how the t-shirt was made. Gilt is having a huge discount right now so most sizes have already been sold out. But if whatever is left fits you, you better get it. 

Probably the right time to mention that this particular collection is sold out on the brand website. As well as pretty much everywhere. Meaning, if you get one it’s automatically a limited edition and can be a great investment for the future.

Despite the brand being more affordable than the other big high-fashion houses we have discussed before, it’s still not in the price range everyone can easily afford to buy. Therefore, we offer you a less expensive, good quality and unique design alternative. The brand Masterpieces Of Art have shirts, sweaters, hoodies and more with the famous paintings printed on them. They come in colors too and the quality is really high. Check out the reviews just to make sure.


That’s a wrap on unique and chic Off-White t-shirts you can elevate your street style outfit with. Traditionally, we have to remind the readers that although most of the items are listed as men’s items, anyone can purchase and wear them. In fact the text on the last model reads the same thing. Off-White clothes have always been made to fit everyone. Just make sure you come up with a cool outfit idea to style these shirts with. They are guaranteed to make you stand out, last long and be a good investment for the future. 

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