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4 Best Gucci Polo T-Shirts For Men’s Stylish Outfits

The Gucci t-shirt is a quite popular item that many people wear although most of it is just a dupe. That makes sense considering the price of the original. The advice here would be to just abandon the dupes in favor of saving up to purchase the real deal or purchase something within whatever you can afford. There are small sustainable brands who sell high quality, original designs at an affordable price range. However, if you want a real Gucci item that’s not a regular tee with the brand logo slapped over the chest, we suggest you get a polo.

Polo t-shirts go well with most outfits. Pairing it up with some nice shorts and ankle socks or loafers will give you the British private schoolboy look (or a rich golfer vibe). You can als wear it underneath a blazer, with slacks and dress shoes to make the outfit more formal. If you play well with the color coordination you can make it look chic but still tame and professional. Especially if the garments you wear are of high quality (and being a popular high fashion designer brand maybe also helps too).

Without getting into too much detail here, let us introduce you to our favorite picks for the men’s Gucci polo t-shirts you can purchase today! We will also offer you a more affordable alternative at the end in case your budget can’t cover the cost of the items given in the list below.

Men’s Blue Logo-embroidered Cotton-blend Piqué Polo

Source: mytheresa

The first pick on our list is this beautiful ivory blue polo with a monogram GG (Gucci’s staple print) embroidered all over it on both sides. The shirt is 93% cotton with only 7% elastane but it’s quite stretchy and will fit your body nicely. The sleeves end in plain blue and it comes with a pretty white collar with two parallel lines in blue which gives a classic sailor aesthetic look to it. It has two white buttons which match with the white print of the brand logo. The fact that the logo is embroidered and not printed makes it look more expensive.

Made in Italy, it is true to the size given on the website. However, the fit is loose and it typically falls just above the hip. In case it’s too short or long you can always style it by tucking it in your bottoms and wearing a nice matching belt. 

Shirt Men’s Gray Horsebit Jacquard Knit Polo Shirt 

Source: mytheresa

Next up is this knitted three colored polo knit with natural wool. The embroidery on the shirt depicts Gucci’s another staple – horsebit motif. The shirt itself is a mix of blue, gray and light caramel brown with caramel collars and sleeve ends and three two-tone buttons in dark and light brown. True to the size it’s a straight cut that falls near hips made for mid size fit. Just like the previous one this shirt should also be dry cleaned only (keep that in mind if you decide to purchase the item).

The model on the website is pairing it up with wide slacks in the same caramel color as the collars and sleeves. However, because it’s three toned, it goes well with most colors and shades in the matching category (most blues, dark or light grays and browns as well as black and even some shades of red).

Men’s GG Stretch-cotton Polo Shirt 

Gucci t-shirts men's
Source: mytheresa

Gucci has some colors associated with the brand aesthetic that they incorporate in all of their collections. Especially the ready-to-wear items. Some of these colors include the pair or red and blue, as well as green. This polo has the brand’s logo (GG string) embroidered all over it against white background. The collar is deep ivory with two parallel white lines at the edge around the entire collar. Sleeves end in a round cream white string. An interesting detail about this shirt is the three gold metal buttons. Unlike the previous two items you can wash this one in your washing match at no more than 30 degrees. 

Lastly, it’s a mid weight material and creates a loose fit, however, you can make it look like a straight cut by tucking it in your bottoms.

Men’s Black Interlocking G Cotton Piquet Polo

gucci t-shirts men's
Source: luisaviaroma

The last polo tee on our list of the men’s Gucci polo t-shirts is this black tee with distinct collar and sleeve ends. Sleeves are rounded and have two parallel white lines around them. Collar is fully white with two green parallel lines rounding all over the edges and the GG logo in green and red. It also has three white plain buttons. The shirt has tiny slits on both sides of the hem. The cut here is straight. 

This is the cheapest item on our list at the price of 490 Euros. Which is quite a lot for most people. This is why we will offer you a nice polo for a lot less. Nevertheless the quality, fit and sizing are all good. 

In fact, Polo Ralph Lauren is famous for their quality affordable polo tees. Some might even consider them mid-luxury items. Check out this beautiful baby blue short sleeve polo with a nice button up collar. It comes in a variety of colors in case you’re more into darker colors and it has a tiny RL logo on the chest area. You are paying so much less but it still looks chic and elegant.


To conclude, we would just like to point out that anyone can purchase and wear any of the items given above. Despite being labeled as “Men’s”, clothes are clothes. As long as you know how to style them, you’re good to go. And lastly, a reminder to shop mindfully and always choose quality over quantity. If possible, make sure to purchase from sustainable brands. Shop less fast fashion and check if the brand is cruelty free. Gucci is in the process of going completely vegan but as of now, they are sadly not completely cruelty free so keep that in mind if it’s your priority.

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