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4 Best Basic Men’s Dior T-Shirt By Kim Jones

Fashion lovers know that Dior has two creative directors for their separate lines. Kim Jones is the creative director for Dior Homme. And while his work is highly valued and loved by critics and clients alike, the same cannot be applied to Maria Grazia Chiuri and her designs. In any way, Kim Jones and his versatile collaborations for men’s style have taken Dior Homme to another level. Especially when it comes to streetstyle and ready-to-wear. Hence why we are talking about basic men’s Dior t-shirts in this short article.

One thing to keep in mind: basic doesn’t automatically mean plain. Basicness of the garment can actually include one or more than one thing about the way it is designed. For instance, it can be a basic color (blacks, whites, creams, grays, dark blues). It could also be a basic cut (straight cut). And it could very well be the combination of both. Mostly though, what we mean under basics is a garment that can serve as a base of the outfit. You can layer it and style it to make it look as formal, chic, elegant, hip or unusual as you want.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best basic T-shirts Kim Jones has created for Dior Homme.

Dior Oblique Polo T-Shirt

dior t-shirt
Source: Dior

First up is a beautiful three tone short sleeved polo shirt. Masterfully crafted in lightweight cotton, this polo tee has Dior’s staple motif – the oblique all over it on both sides. It’s not printed though, it’s knitted. The shirt is three tones, the base being creamy beige, with the oblique being black with blue shadowy highlights all over pure cotton jacquard. The polo is designed for a loose relaxed fit with a basic, straight cut. Its collar, hem and the end of the sleeves are fully black. 

You can button it up or keep it open. The placket is black from the inside while the outside part matches the rest of the shirt. One more thing about this detailing is that the buttons have DIOR engravement and they’re made of mother-of-pearl.

The unique design and high quality material will elevate any outfit and give it a nice touch of edge. You can keep the rest of your look simple or get matching bottoms. View the shirt on Dior Homme official website and find the store where you can visit or purchase it online.

CD Étoile Embroidered Relaxed-Fit T-Shirt

dior t-shirt
Source: Dior

Next on the list, we have a CD Etoile pure cotton short-sleeved slight V-neck off-white jersey. It has another one of Dior’s staples CD Etoile embroidery on the chest area. The link will take you to the white version of the shirt, however, it’s also available in black in case that’s what you prefer. The neckline of the shirt is actually rounded by the stitching mimicking that of a V-neck shirt. A nice little detail against the plainness of the rest of the design.

This one is a true basic that you can style to dress your outfit up or down. You can wear this together with formal wear, underneath a suit or rather a blazer. Or you can go streetstyle by pairing it up with a jean jacket and bottoms. You can also make it semi-formal with relaxed-fit slacks and platform dress shoes with a matching belt. To add more chic to it, we’d suggest wearing a beret and grabbing a clutch as well.

CD Icon Polo Shirt

Source: Dior

Another beautiful light pure sky blue short-sleeved cotton polo with the brand’s logo CD (Christian Dior) embroidery on the chest. It has a beautiful ribbed collar and sleeve hems. Two mother-of-pearl made buttons with DIOR engraved on them on the same colored placket. This shirt has a normal straight cut making it a true basic. Just like the one above, you can style it with sportswear (for instance, some light sweats and nice sneakers in matching colors), formal wear (maybe pair it up with dark colored blazer, slacks and shoes for contrast) or street style (light wash jeans would look great with this one) outfits. The only thing that’s not in the same color as the rest of the shirt is the CD logo in white, and the buttons, obviously.

We chose the light sky blue one for this article, but the same exact shirt is also available in milky coffee brown, light gray, pale pastel pink, pure white, dark navy blue and plain black.

Again, keep in mind that you have to find a boutique closest to your location and purchase it from there. The site is mostly for showcasing the designs. And one more thing, all of the items here are made in Italy, at Dior headquarters.

Dior X Jack Kerouac Oversize T-Shirt

Source: Dior

Lastly, we have a shirt from the Jack Kerouac tribute collection. The inspiration behind the collection was the landscapes from the West of America. The shirt is in white with a black and white photo of the author and Dior X JK with some handwritten quotes printed below the photograph. The neckline is round with V-neck stitching. The overall appearance and the sentiment behind the design makes this shirt a chic basic. You can wear it with jeans or maybe velvet bottoms like the model on the website. Even better if you’re a fan of Jack Kerouac, who by the way, was the contemporary of Christian Dior.

If you cannot afford to purchase any of the shirts here, we are giving you a nice alternative. The quality is top-notch and so is the design, and it’s branded. Price, however, is way less. And this Lacoste polo t-shirt comes in a variety of colors too so you can choose whichever you need at the moment. 


And that concludes our little article about the best men’s Dior t-shirts made by Kim Jones. Do keep in mind that despite being labeled as “men’s”, literally anyone can wear those items. Just make sure you style them accordingly.

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