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4 Best Amiri T-Shirt To Take Your Streetwear To The Next Level

If you are a fan of Fear Of God and and Vetements you have probably also heard of Amiri. California streetwear brand has been elevated to one of the most demanded luxury urban style brands in the world. Certainly something to look forward to at every NYFW, Amiri has constantly been delivering interesting designs whether it’s a t-shirt, jeans, outerwear or shoes. A great choice for those who want to elevate their streetwear outfits with good quality original garments. 

In this article we have listed 4 t-shirts from some of the latest Amiri collections you can purchase today. These items certainly are not the basics. The other way around actually. You can make them the outfit staple, something that stands out and something you can build the rest of the outfit around.

AMIRI X WES LANG AW22 Collection

amiri t-shirt
Source: Amiri

The first two items on our list are from the brand’s one of the most recent FW22 collections which is a collaboration between Mike Amiri and contemporary American artist Wes Lang. If you know nothing about Lang, he is a painter and sculptor whose works mostly focus on American history. His works can be considered controversial in a way and they certainly have a sensational value to them. He mostly depicts native Americans, the confederation and even blackface motifs are not unusual. The artist has mentioned that he is keen on exploring the dark side of American history and his paintings come from the place of criticism and fascination. 

Both, the designer and the artist intimately familiar with the Los Angeles urban art scene and fashion culture, their collaboration makes sense. Hence the AW22 collaboration has been dedicated to depicting the “LA Aesthetic”, what were the things and events that shaped it and how does high fashion mix with the dark side of the LA or rather American heritage.

Interestingly enough, before starting the brand and becoming famous, Mike Amiri has established his name as a designer by creating stage outfits for popular rockstars. Like the frontman of Guns N’ Roses among many others. Wes Lang has worked with rock singers as well as influential musical artists such as Kanye West. So their collaboration mixed together the “rock aesthetic” with skateboarding, graffiti and street art with high fashion and glamor.

AMIRI X WES Lang Blood 38 T-Shirt & Solar KIngs Tee

amiri t-shirt
Source: Amiri

First up, we have the two garments from the AMIRI X WES LANG AW22 collaborative collection. The grunginess of the brand and the darkness of the artist’s works creates a perfect mix for unique streetwear pieces. Both shirts have a basic straight cut with crew neck and short sleeves. Made with 100% pure cotton. The Blood 38 t-shirt is white and features gorgeous colorful but very bizarre art from Wes Lang. Skeletons, bloody Dracula with claws on the back, a zombie-like soldier, terrifying bat and Baphomet against a modified American flag. The shirt features the Amiri logo at the front above the art and on the back near the hem. 

Solar kings tee can be purchased in black and white. It features a huge skeleton close up in red across the chest and abdomen area as well as stylized AMIRI logo (the brand name) above and across it. The skeleton is actually a grim reaper. 

The great thing about the brand is that they have extended sizing. They don’t stop at XL or 2XL like most brands do. You can check them out and purchase them from the brand’s official website. Although it’s not strictly pointed out, we recommend you use dry cleaning for both items.

AMIRI ARMY Stencil T-Shirt 

Source: Amiri

Next up we have a beautiful sunny orange military inspired stencil t-shirt. Loose, relaxed fit with short sleeves and rounded neckline. This garment has faded grayish black texts and paintings all over it from both sides. Different things that have to do with the military service, whether it’s the air forces, militia or the navy. The t-shirt also features a white brand logo which is a stylized A and M on top of each other in a gothic font. The hem and the collar of the shirt has an interesting stitching in white that gives a look of being a bit faded, like the shirt has been worn out.

If you reside in the US you can check out the brand’s shipping and returns policy which is much more flexible than for international buyers. You can return the item 20 days from the day of its delivery. For the buyers outside of the US, there are few websites that sell luxury goods that currently sell all those t-shirts, such as SAKS OFF 5th. 

AMIRI Military Specs Stencil T-Shirt 

Source: Amiri

And the last t-shirt we have here is another military inspired stencil tee albeit a bit different. This one only comes in black and has a brand logo (exactly like the previous one) on the chest area in mustard yellow. Next to it there’s a text printing and the back is pretty much covered in texts and yellow AMIRI over the information about where and how AMIRI products are manufactured. All these t-shirts are made in Italy with organic cotton.

As we have already mentioned, AMIRI is a luxury streetwear. Meaning, the price range is quite high for most people. It’s why we are going to offer you an alternative from below luxury but still a great quality brand you can buy from on Amazon. Way more affordable, this one also has similar motifs of the military and the grunge aesthetic is present too.


That concludes our list of some of the best Amiri t-shirts you can purchase from their recent collections. Just as always, listing the garments down under the Men’s section doesn’t mean the rest cannot purchase and wear them. If you are into dark aesthetics and can afford a luxury item, go for it. These garments make a good investment given it’s very likely that the brand will only continue to grow.

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