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4 Basic Prada T-Shirt To Style With Any Outfit

One thing about Miuccia’s Prada: whether it’s a simple t-shirt or a couture dress, it’s going to be a little bit ugly. And it’s okay. Because it aligns with the brand identity. The famous “Ugly Chic” was created by the founder and creative behind the famous Italian high fashion house. Her aesthetic masterfully matches and mixes together what can seem like should not be put together.

However, couture and ready-to-wear is one thing, producing basics for the “masses” (although certainly limited unlike the fast fashion rip-offs that come almost immediately afterwards) is another. The logic behind RTW and basics is actually quite simple. All high fashion houses need to sell quite a lot to support themselves. The beautiful couture collections that only celebrities get to wear on special occasions are expensive. So “mass-marketing” and “mass-selling” is a must. Doesn’t mean the pieces are going to be cheap, although they are way more affordable than the looks from couture.

Some people are fans of a particular brand, some admire a certain designer who might be working as a creative director at various brands over time. Some just love owning a well-known designer piece, especially if the said piece is sporting a huge logo of the brand on the garment. Whatever the case might be, if you can afford to buy a quality piece from a big brand, you should do it. Besides the obvious factors, like the better quality of the material and the original design, it is a good investment in case you want to sell it in the future.

With all that in mind, let’s look at the 4 best basic Prada t-shirt you can style with almost any outfit. At the end we will give you an affordable alternative from smaller brands.

Prada Mistral Crewneck Tee

Source: SAKS OFF 5TH

This gorgeous sky blue piece is from the brand’s collaboration with North Sails. The pullover style crewneck short sleeved men’s fitted shirt will look great with light as well as dark colors. You can wear it on its own. Or inside a blazer, jeans or leather jacket or style it with a long sleeved button up. It will look good tucked in or out, with jeans or slacks. If you want a more sporty look go for shorts and sneakers. 

There’s a Prada x North Sails logo on the chest area in white font and there’s a big THERE IS NO SECOND overline on the back of the t-shirt. Saks OFF 5TH are having a huge discount right now. The sizing might be limited so hurry and purchase it for only 60$ on their website. 

Prada Piuma T-Shirt

Source: 24S

We can’t have a basics list without inserting a basic white shirt everybody should own. This is certainly on a more luxurious side than the previous one but it can currently be purchased on a discount on 24S website.

This is a straight cut bianco white short sleeved round neck piece with only 8% elastane. The rest is pure cotton. It’s true to the sizing on the website so you only have to choose what you know will fit you best. The shirt also comes in divisa (a bit muted dark blue) and ferro (faded black). It has Prada’s staple angular fake pocket on the chest with the logo in brighter shade on white. 

You can style this shirt with slacks and suit pants like the model on the website. Or go for the casual jeans and tee look.

Prada Men’s Embroidered Logo Shirt In Navy

prada t-shirt
Source: In-CC

In the typical Prada style, this gorgeous navy polo is made of virgin wool blend. This is arguably the most luxurious item on our list which you can purchase from In-cc. It has a beautiful collar with three buttons and short sleeves rounded at the very end. The similar pattern repeats all the way down to the hem.

Polo shirts generally go well with classic sporty looks (might be thinking of golf right now and you are right) or semi-relaxed formal outfits. Wearing polo tees inside a blazer and relaxed fit slacks makes the look less formal and keeps it professional nevertheless. Moreover if the polo is from a luxury brand. Just make sure the color coordination is on point and you are good to go.

Prada Logo Polo Shirt

prada t-shirt
Source: Cettire

And we will be ending our list with a black basic shirt. In true Prada fashion, this model has it all: the inverted triangle and the logo print on its chest, beautiful polo neckline with two buttons. Muted black that can go well with just about any outfit. It’s 100% pure cotton. Not as luxurious as the previous one, it is still on a luxurious side. You can view and purchase it from Cettire’s website.  

Great thing about this model (as well as pretty much all the other models) is that you can confidently return it to the respective sellers in case the fit isn’t right or you changed your mind for any reason.

Now, as promised, the much more affordable alternatives that are of good quality and similar in fit. This beautiful cotton short sleeve black polo t-shirt by Hugo Boss will cost you only around 40$.


That’s a wrap on the 4 best basic Prada t-shirts that go with any outfit. Good quality, most made from either pure cotton or recycled and biodegradable materials ( like the Prada X North Sails collaboration). Certainly a great investment once you get bored of it and want to resell it. Depending on what you can currently afford, everybody can find a basic tee on the list, the prices ranging from less than 100$ to more than 1000$. 

And one last thing. Although we have provided what can generally be considered to be for men, anyone can purchase all of the products above. Doesn’t matter the gender, clothes are clothes, especially the basics. As long as you know how to style them well, and you can afford it, feel free to buy and wear them with confidence.

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