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4 Basic Givenchy T-Shirt For A Capsule Wardrobe

Building a capsule wardrobe has recently become a widespread trend. It’s sort of a response to fast fashion and the speed with which clothing trends come and go in today’s world. None of it is sustainable and serious damage to the environment is inevitable. Therefore, thrifting, recycling and the ways to insert sustainability in the way we present ourselves have become a major concert to fashion lovers.

Capsule wardrobe initially means owning basics and staple pieces that give you the freedom of interchangeability. By mixing and matching a few clothing items you build entirely new and original outfits. There are few tricks to building a strong capsule wardrobe. Some of which include purchasing only high quality clothes, buying mostly basic colors, cuts and patterns that can’t go wrong when put together, keeping it minimalistic. However, all these doesn’t mean it has to be boring. It’s up to your imagination how you mix and style what you own.

Purchasing high quality clothes for a lot of people means either thrifting or saving up to buy a designer piece. Givenchy, although offering couture and high fashion is still very much associated with chic street style. Their basics are certainly something to consider when looking for quality items for your capsule wardrobe. Here are 4 best basic Givenchy t-shirts you can style with almost anything.

Givenchy Zipped Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt 

givenchy t-shirt
Source: mytheresa

Very chic and elegant, this beautiful black short-sleeved polo is made in Italy and it’s 100% pure cotton. The shirt features a zipper which you can zip up or keep it open depending on the look you are going for. Styling it underneath a suit makes the formalwear less formal and gives it an edgy look. You can wear it with jeans or slacks, long or shorter shorts, with sneakers, loafers, dress shoes or even boots.

Mytheresa has a discount going on right now so if you want a chic luxury basic that goes with anything, it’s a great opportunity. If you want another color, you can buy the same exact shirt in dark blue, muted chocolate brown or pearl white. The website accepts returns for a month from the day of delivery completely free of charge.

Givenchy U-Lock Short-Sleeved T-Shirt 

Source: cettire

Clearly well-versed in making street style luxurious, this black u-lock short-sleeved straight cut shirt is a good demonstration of the brand’s distinct identity. It features a removable poplin metal harness which you can buckle or keep it open. It also has small slits on both sides.Buttons are hidden with a line of the material coming all the way down to the hem and matches the collar beautifully.

The material is 100% cotton and it’s made in Portugal. Cettire offers a considerable discount on this model.

Givenchy Josh Smith Bag Art Print Crewneck T-Shirt 

givenchy t-shirt
Source: cettire

Next up we have a colorful basic for those that don’t want to keep their capsule wardrobe all in black and white or beige. This is a pastel mint crewneck t-shirt that Givenchy created in collaboration with Josh Smith. Matthew Williams (the creative director of the brand) announced the collaboration with the American artist back in 2021. The result was a lot more colors as well as the artist’s paintings featured on clothes.

This shirt in particular features his famous staple – grim reaper art on the back of the shirt. The front is kept minimal with just an overlay of fonts that read Givenchy and Josh Smith with a small logo of the brand in red and black. The contrast of colors doesn’t make the design less harmonious.

You can purchase this piece at a discount on Cettire. Style it with formal wear or casual outfit. This colorful piece will make the look edgier and artsier. If you want to keep it minimalistic, make sure everything else you wear is the same color and simple in cuts and silhouettes.

Givenchy T-Shirt With Balaclava And Gloves

Source: vitkac

Final piece we will be discussing today is a lot more expensive than the previous three. But once you see it you will understand why. This piece is a fitted long sleeved black shirt made out of stretchy material to snug around any body type (of course there are different sizes as well). It features an incorporated glove attached to the garment with a slight elegant cut. As well as a balaclava. 

Crafted in France, to keep the material stretchy it’s made of 91% polyamide and 9% elastane. This original design can be worn during the autumn/winter seasons. You can style it with a long trench or coat, big puffer or inside a leather jacket. It will look stunning with dark baggy jeans or even slacks if you want to make your outfit a bit unusual. Balaclavas were quite trendy the previous season and with the amount of designers that have incorporated them into their FW23 collections, they are going to be even bigger this season.

If you currently have no budget to purchase these luxury basics, here’s an affordable alternative to at least one of this items:

We have selected black but you can buy the same pattern in various colors. A beautiful cut with lining design that features hook and loop pockets on the chest area with seam lining. The quality of the material is quite good as well. The advice here is to not purchase the colors that might not match with lots of things. Black, white, brown, beige, pastels, keep it mild. 


What we have selected here might be labeled as “men’s” shirts but anyone can buy and style them as long as it’s what you are looking for. Givenchy t-shirts can be the luxury quality and original design that you want to incorporate in your capsule wardrobe in order to make it more interesting. Lots of websites offer good discounts and you can also save up to buy the item you want to own. Remember, the whole point is to choose quality over quantity.

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