Tips for Logo Placement when T-shirt Printing

Tips for Logo Placement when T-shirt Printing

Our t- shirts have become breeding grounds for fuelling imagination. Gone are the days when we had typical logo placements on the left side of the chest and boring colors and patterns to complement these. Apart from showcasing quirky taglines, tees of today also sport some of the finest and almost intriguing designs that capture attention in a jiffy.

Custom t-shirt printing companies use just as much creativity as technicality for creating interesting patterns and layouts. When it comes to logo placements, here are some interesting ideas to rely on for some variety.

Logo on the Hem for a Subtle Appeal

Some brands might not wish to have their company emblem on the face, by printing it on the left chest area or in the middle. Instead placing it along the hemline makes it visible and yet keeps it subtle. You can choose this placement for white garments or light pastel shades and muted colors. When used with dark jazzy shades, the logo might go unnoticed.

Splitting it into Two

If the design allows such innovation, you can split the logo into 2 halves. You need to choose two carefully selected colors for each half. Prefer one darker and one lighter shade for a contrast. Place the logo in such a way so that it is divided symmetrically into two sections of the shirt.

Oversized Tees with Central Logo Placement

If you are working with a renowned logo of a famous brand, using an oversized tee and magnifying the figure to capture the entire bust area is a good idea. However, this is will appear striking only with traditional color combinations like a black logo on a white base or a dark green logo on a pale yellow base and similar.

Printing on the Collar

If the logo has a horizontal pattern, choosing a round neck shirt with the logo printed on it is ideal for a strikingly different appeal. However, this placement can only be possible with specific designs that can be placed along the rim of the collar. Besides, the colors of the shirt base and the collar-line should be in contrast to each other. A white print on a dark colored collar will look appealing. The shirt can be of a dark shade.

Using Up the Sleeve Space

Placing the design on the sleeve also looks very stylish. There are various ways to do this. It can be placed along the sleeve border or can also be printed longitudinally across the sleeve. It all depends on the nature of the design. Self colored tees should be preferred for such placements.

If your still prefer to stick to the traditional left chest placement of logo while t-shirt printing, no problem. Just make sure you get the placement right. Ideally, the centre point of the image should be in line with the collar hem. A slight shift in placement can push the logo closer to the elbow region, spoiling the look.

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