How to Take Care of Your T-Shirts

How to Take Care of Your T-Shirts

You visited many shops, compared several products on the basis of pricing, designs, material, and colors to finally choose your favorite t-shirt. Or perhaps, you got it as a gift from your company. No matter how you put your hands on your favorite t-shirt, now it is your prized possession. You want to wear it for a long time, but you are afraid it may not survive the next summer. Even products from leading t-shirt printing companies shrink, lose colors, develop cracks, and wrinkles after some time. The good news is you can extend the lifespan of your t-shirts by taking some simple steps. Here are some useful t-shirt maintenance tips.

Consider hand washing

Hand washing is the safest way to wash your tees. You should ideally wash gently with your hands, using cold water. If possible, use lukewarm water and soft detergent powder.

Take proper care when using washing machine

If there are stains on your t-shirt, hand washing may not help. In that case, you can use your washing machine, but be sure to choose the right settings on the machine. Usually, you should opt for the most delicate settings to minimize the rubbing effects on your t-shirts. Use moderately hot water to prevent any shrinkage, print fades, and color fades.

Avoid using bleach

Silkscreen printing is the most common technique used for t-shirt printing. In this technique, they first create a template and imprint the design on white t-shirts. The colors applied later are likely to fade away, if you use bleach for washing. Also, avoid any detergent that contains bleach. Instead of bleach, use a stain remover to wash away any stains.

Know how to place them in washing machine

If you are using washing machine, do not put different colored cloths in the same compartment. Before using the machine, read the instructions carefully. Make sure you are choosing the right temperature settings. Also, turn the t-shirt inside out before placing it inside the machine. This will help retain the vibrancy of colors in your t-shirt.

Avoid too much heat

It is advisable that you should not use a dryer for drying out the t-shirt. Even if you use one, keep the temperature low to avoid burning or melting of fabrics. Another good idea would be to use a fabric softener to prevent puckering. You can also go for hang drying. If you opt for hang drying, turn the t-shirt inside out and do not expose it to direct sunlight for too long. It is never a good idea to hang the t-shirt in a hanger, especially when it is wet. Hanging it from a hanger for a long time can make it look drawn out, in the end.

Avoid ironing as much as possible

Again, to prevent your t-shirt from excessive heat, avoid ironing as much as possible. If you still want to do the ironing, keep the temperature low and do the ironing on the back side.

If you want to set aside some t-shirts for use on a special occasion, consider storing them in a cool place, preferably in a closet or wardrobe.

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