How to Promote Your Business with Custom T-shirts

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T-shirts with an interesting message have always known to be conversation starters. This is exactly why smart marketers use custom t-shirts to promote their business. Human attention has fallen considerably in the last decade, but attractive looking t-shirts with a captivating tagline never fails to make the first impressions right. Having your staff wear custom t-shirts and attend trade shows is like having walking billboards. Custom t-shirt printing, with unique design and distribution ideas can generate more sales for your business. Here’s how to market your business using custom t-shirts.

Give away t-shirts with purchases

This is even more important if you are an upcoming start-up. Invest in quality custom t-shirt printing as a part of your marketing collateral. Launch offers giving away a t-shirt with certain products or services. Make sure that the t-shirts make for proud owning by having them designed professionally. Have a superhero style design, with complementing copy and layout. Work on creating a buzz around your company’s t-shirts, so that your customers can proudly flaunt them, and in the process, promote your business.

Launch a collectible t-shirt series

A popular trend is to create a membership program for loyal customers. You can club discounts with limited edition custom t-shirts of your business. Formulate a content style and tone that is exclusive to your brand. You could have a number of design ideas for t-shirt printing and it is difficult to pick one. Make them a part of a collectible series of cool t-shirts and encourage customers to complete their collection.

Patronize local talent

Do you want to be known as a company that cares about and rewards talent? Invite young and upcoming artists with original ideas to design your t-shirts. It will generate excitement around your brand, and help you appeal to the tastes of your audience. You can also have established designers on-board and ask them to personalized t-shirts for your business. Have the designers’ signatures on the t-shirts.

Create a t-shirt culture within your team

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs is known for conceptualizing t-shirts with the message ‘90 Hours a Week and Loving It’. Do your t-shirt printing on these lines, and avoid making it uniform-like. This helps to get in-house brand advocacy and increases the value in being associated with your business.

Sponsor a charity marathon

Customers are more likely to buy from companies that are associated with social causes. Well-known companies often sponsor charity events to generate publicity for their business. Pick your events well, and sponsoring athletes at a marathon is a good idea. Offer to do t-shirt printing on their behalf and mention your brand logo and message on the back.

Invite customers to be a part of it

Giving away t-shirts to your customers in different ways wouldn’t suffice. Instead, invite them to be a part of the process and associate with the brand in an even bigger way. Engage with them on your social media pages and invite taglines and designs. This could be done when you want to change your logo or introduce a special product. Ask them to hash tag their creations with your handle and offer prizes and mentions on social media.


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