How to Make Your T shirts Look Vintage

How to Make Your T shirts Look Vintage

We all love our favorite vintage tees. And the old and worn out look is so much in fashion these days as well. The older your tee is, the hipper it looks. Now what if you have a favorite funky tee with unique t shirt printing patterns that looks way too new to be considered fashionable? Do you need to do away with it? Well, no! There are techniques to turn your newish garment into a vintage one. And it can be easily achieved at home. Here are some tips.

Transforming your T Shirt for a Soft Vintage Look

To start with, if your favorite tee is an oversized one, it does help. This is because some of the processes end up shrinking the garment just a bit. Once you choose the one, here are some conversion methods for east transformation.

Use the Magic Sandpaper

The humble sandpaper can go a long way in changing your t shirt just the way you want it to. Use a fine grit paper and use it to create worn out spots on the fabric. Choose areas which are likely to get worn out faster due to repeated wear and tear like elbows and necklines for instance. Distress them to the point where it begins to fray. Do not file through the fabric.

Start small. Adding more holes is never a problem and can always be done later. However, if you create a large one by overdoing right at the start, it will only become bigger with repeated washing. The idea is to sport a Vintage tee and not to damage it permanently.

Once you are done with the distressing process, throw it into the washing machine for regular washing.

Brining the tee

Take about one fourths cup of sodium carbonate or washing soda and mix it with about two cups of common salt. Now put the shirt along with a towel inside the washing machine and set the temperature of the water to the highest. Once the water level reaches to a point where it submerges the shirt and towel, pour in this mixture along with the regular clothing detergent you use and run the machine. Once the washing has been completed, transfer it to the dryer and dry it up thoroughly, on high heat.

The salt acts as an abrasive, making the garment look older. The intense heat of the dryer weakens the fibers considerably. Repeat this process at least three to five times for desired results. For a complete vintage look, brush off the logos and graphics with a sand paper so that it looks old and damaged. This entire process is called brining the tee.

Steeping in Black Tea

One of the simpler ways of lending a vintage look to your t shirt is steep it in black tea. Take a large pot of water and add tea bags to it, one for each cup. Boil and strain the water and soak your tee in it for about 10 minutes. If you wish for darker stains, you can soak it for longer.

Alternatively, you can also bleach your tee at home for dulling out the colors and making it appear old and ragged. And once you are done, it is time to flaunt with pride.


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