How to Look Great in a T-shirt

How to Look Great in a T-shirt

T-shirts are one of the most common attires in every man’s wardrobe.  They are comfortable to wear, stylish, and lend a smart or rough & tough look. Whether you are tall or short, fat or thin, you’ll find suitable t-shirts for you. Depending on your choice, you can wear slogan t-shirts, polo t-shirts, or any other types. If you want, you can even get any custom designs printed on your t-shirts by any t-shirt printing company in your locality. What is important is to make sure you are looking great in your t-shirts. To that end, you should consider five important factors when choosing a t-shirt. They are fit, color, fabric, style and function.  Here’s a close look at each of these factors, one by one.


Men look great when they wear a well-fitted t-shirt. It gives them a dashing and masculine look. For best results, it should be perfect at your shoulders, sleeves, stomach and neck. The length should also be exact, neither too long nor too short. You can decide on whether the t-shirt is well-fitted or not by movements. If it is allowing you for comfortable movements then it’s a correct choice for you.


Choosing the right color is also important. Have enough t-shirts in basic colors, such as, white, black, gray, and navy.

  • White – Whether dark or fair complexion, white color suits all skin tones. You can complement them with denim of any colors, including blue, black, and gray. Do not wash your white color clothes with other color clothes. This is because color bleed from other clothes may spoil the white color.
  • Black – This color is another good option for t-shirts. It gels quite well with almost all colors. However, it fades very quickly and is also not advisable during sunny days.
  • Gray – This color gives a classy look to your personality. However, it is better to avoid gray shirts during highly humid days, because any sweat marks could be visible easily.
  • Navy – Navy shirts look great and make the wearer look more slim and attractive. It is good for sunny days as well.

You can go for other colors, such as, green, red, orange, purple, blue as well.  Choose the colors as per your skin tone.


Fabric plays a very important role in making a t-shirt comfortable to wear. It should be light-weight, durable and easy to maintain. Dermatologists usually recommend 100% cotton fabrics, but you can go for other options as well, for instance, combed cotton, organic cotton, pima, bamboo, merino, jersey, polyester, and rayon.


Having enough t-shirts is not enough; you should know how to carry them. For instance, tuck in some part of it for a causal look. Choosing the right designs or styles is also important. For instance, you can go for crew or v-shape t-shirts, depending your preferences. Pair them with the right denim and accessories.

Choosing t-shirts according to the occasion

You may have a lot of t-shirts. Perhaps, you also have a good collection custom t-shirts done from your favorite t-shirt printing company. But that is not enough! You should be able to choose the right t-shirt for the right occasion.


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