How to Choose the Size of Your Logo for Company T-Shirts

How to Choose the Size of Your Logo for Company T-Shirts

T-shirt printing is a great way to boost the offline visibility of your business. When you have your staff wear company t-shirts with a clear message, it helps strengthen your brand. However, just printing a lot of t-shirts with your company logo on it is not enough. For best results, you need to position your logo right. Choosing the right size for your logo is also important. The idea is to create maximum visual impact by choosing the right size for your logo. Here are some important things to consider when choosing the size of your logo on your company t-shirts.

The purpose

First things first, identify the purpose of your t-shirt printing. The size of logo should vary depending on your purpose. For instance, if you are planning to give them as uniforms, you perhaps need to use a larger size to make it visible to the onlookers even from a distance. However, if you are planning to hand out the t-shirts as gifts, a smaller size logo would suffice.

The shape

Consider the shape of your logo as well. Typically, company logos come in four different shapes – round or square, tall, wide but narrow, and tall but narrow. Depending on the shape of your logo, you may want to position it either horizontally or vertically across the t-shirt. Also, determine how much open space you want to leave.

Large Vs small fonts

If you have a message with the logo, you should choose the font size right. For a bold statement, go for large fonts. However, you should also consider who would wear the t-shirt and how. If the person is likely to tuck in the t-shirt, large fonts covering the entire area may not be a good idea. In such cases, use small fonts, so that there is enough blank space at the bottom of the t-shirt, allowing the wearer to choose whether they want to tuck in or leave the t-shirt un-tucked.

Size of t-shirts

When choosing the size of logo, you should consider the size of your t-shirt. It would be wrong to print the same size logo on different sized t-shirts. Use larger logos for larger t-shirts and vice versa.

Your audience

It is also important to define your target audience before going for t-shirt printing. Are you targeting gen-x or gen-y customers? Knowing the age group, buying habits, preferences, like and dislikes of your target audience helps you not only to design your t-shirts but to size your logo accordingly.

Brand image

How is your brand reputation? How do you want others to perceive your brand? Do you want to market your brand with loud and youthful ideas? Or are you more of a conservative brand? You need to know your brand image to be able to design your t-shirts accordingly. And the size of your logo is a part of your overall design. Do not see it as a separate thing. The size and placement of your logo should go well with your brand image.


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