5 Tips for Designing T-shirts

5 Tips for Designing T-shirts

A well-designed T-shirt can grab eyeballs and make heads turn. Companies are increasingly jumping on the T-shirt marketing bandwagon to make the most of it. However, what is important is to design it right. Invest time and effort and brainstorm to come up with original ideas. You could even contact a designer or T-shirt printing company for designs that suit your company’s message. Here are 5 tips on designing T-shirts.

Simplicity above all

Most designers try to impress with detail, but simplicity is as important in T-shirt printing. You could have sketching specialists with elaborate detailing and interesting patterns. However, the best designs have always been simple, since the idea is to focus on the message. Keep the number of colors to three, if the design is detailed. In case of simple graphics, you can always bring in more colors.

Keep your market in mind

You may have fabulous ideas in mind, but if they are irrelevant for your target audience, they may not be useful. It is important to formulate a body of literature and some key terms for putting your message across. If you are selling superhero action figures, your vocabulary and graphics must appeal to young teens.

Research your demographic carefully and consider their age group and gender. Come down to what your ideal buyer exactly looks like. You will also need to research what other brands/products they buy, and work on your T-shirt accordingly.

Plan your color scheme properly

The first most important step in the design stage is planning the color palette. Whether you choose ink or garment colors do not matter. However, simulate the combination by testing mock-ups well in time. You will need to ensure that the garment and the ink colors are not too close in value since that could mean low visibility.

However, if your design requires consistency in tonality of the background and the image, this is a good idea. Determine the garment’s RGB value and save the color scheme.

Innovate intelligently

Challenge T-shirt printing rules in the right way. Graphic tees are all about creativity and outspoken marketing. Contrasts in color, done the right way, can go a long way in upping your sales. The first thing you need to do is look for a good designer and printer. Experiment with humor and wacky designs, but the key is not to overdo it.

Have a solid graphic in the centre, to a photograph covering an entire tee, or a single word for the space. Add an element of interest by using specialty prints, metallic ink, or foil prints.

Choose the right printer

Educate yourself about pop culture influences and the fundamentals of T-shirt printing. Hire a company that understands your requirements and vision well. This is because no matter how brilliant the idea, the result will be only as good as the printer. Get a reputed screen printer on board and discuss sizes, weight, labeling options, and cost in detail. Invite quotes from different companies. The printer should reflect your dedication and passion for the design well, since screen-printing is an art.


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