4 Important Considerations when Printing T-shirts

4 Important Considerations when Printing T-shirts


Before you contact a t-shirt printing company for printing your company t-shirts, you should do a little homework. Knowing the basics of printing technology, designing, color theory, etc. would help you make an informed decision. Here are some important things to consider before placing an order for t-shirt printing.

1. Type of printing

There are many ways to do printing and you have to choose the right way. Each printing technique has its own benefits and drawbacks. You should choose the right type depending on your budget, requirements and preferences. The most popular type, of course, is silkscreen printing. This technique works by creating a template and printing t-shirts from that. This creates premium quality, long lasting prints, but may not be cost effective for small orders.

Heat transfer printing is a good option for those who have a strict budget for t-shirt printing. In this technique, the original design would be printed on a paper and then embossed onto the t-shirt, using contact heat.
Another way to print t-shirts is by using Vinyl printing. This technique is often used for printing company t-shirts or sports jerseys. It lets you easily print t-shirts with your company logo. You can also use embroidery printing to get your logo embroidered on your company t-shirts.

Now that you know about the different printing techniques used for t-shirt printing, it would be easier for you to choose your preferred printing type.

2. Clothing material

It is also important for you to choose the clothing material right. You have many options, including cotton, synthetic, and silk. However, if you are planning to print all-over designs, you should consider choosing cotton. Most designs and colors look vivid on a cotton t-shirt.

3. Designs and colors

Minimalistic designs are the top trend these days. It would be a good idea to keep the design simple yet attractive. If you want to use all-over designs, consider avoiding too complicated or juxtaposed designs with too many straight lines or prints. Use maximum 3-4 colors. For best results, you can use light colored t-shirts with dark colored inks.

4. Printing company

You may have a great design idea for your company t-shirts, but the end result depends on the quality of printing. This is exactly why you should choose your printing company carefully. Check the reputation and background of the company. Have a look at their past works. Ask for references and if possible contact their previous clients to know how their experience of working with the company is. It is also a good idea to read reviews and testimonials. Ideally, you should choose a company that has years of experience in the business of t-shirt printing. Also, check whether they have experience working with large corporations. How the company communicates with their clients throughout the project lifecycle is another important consideration. You should enquire these things from their previous clients.

Finally, you should set a budget for your entire project right from the beginning. This would help you choose your vendor, clothing materials, and designs accordingly.


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