With more than 20 years of T shirt printing experience in Singapore we employ the latest in fabric printing innovations, from the ink we use to the fabric from all supplier. We painstakingly hand pick them to provide you with our best service.
Having our own T shirt printing factory in Singapore implies a speedier turnaround time. In the event that you require your T shirt printing to be rush, tell us. We will have the capacity to surge them out for you at no extra charges!






Why Outsource Your T shirt Printing? 

Reasons for hiring it out

When it comes to T shirt printing in Singapore you can easily find a lot of scope on this topic. Most of the time you will get great reasons for hiring out  the professionals. But there are several pros and cons of this aspect that must be kept in mind before reaching the decision to hire a professional.

So you have made your mind for hiring a professional and dreams to have some great collection of  T shirts with some cool and classy printings on it. Here are the possible pros and cons with an introduction on hiring a professional company.

Hiring out a professional or a company for T shirt printing

Now, as you have made your mind to have some cool prints on your T shirts, it is time to seek the professional help. This is a good decision if you are looking to work for large quantity. Before hiring a company, you must know some important things about it.

A company dealing in the this business must be up to date with the latest trends. As there are many companies out there which render the such printing services, you, as a customer, will usually weed out the best company on the basis of the company’s ability to keep up with the latest trends of the market.

Now, as you have decided the company, you must know the pros and cons:


First of all the screen printers can do the job for you well with reasonable quality and affordable price. In the same way, the vinyl printing and other methods are suitable


It is suitable only for the purpose of commercial T shirt printing. You need to invest a handsome amount for printing at a commercial level.

It is always better for taking the help from the professionals. There are a lot of experts that may help you in getting your designs come on the clothes.